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불어로 쥬페는 영어 I do, I make를 의미한다.
내가 디자인해서 만드는 가방이라는 의미가 담겨있다.


1. U Design

Je Fais is the customized bag order on-line flatform by which you can choose of bag color, handle, strap, pocket and more.
This is how you design of your own bag by yourself and not just buy what the normal brands insist you to buy what they made.

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How? You YOURSELF DESIGN YOUR OWN BAG by just enjoying game provided by Je Fais (I Make) Design flatform.

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Have you ever thought that you want to make your own bag which is designed by your wish? We can make your dream come true!
Our developed on-line flatform can make this happen!

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    Step1) Select sample design bag by cagegories; shape or Use

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    Step2) From the basic design sample we provide, you can select of your option to change through CUSTOMIZED option category

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    Step3) You can select color, handle, strap, pocket and more from the customized option

2. Smart Bag: Je Fais is more than just Bag but have value-added smart function
– Fingerprint scan lock, self-defense alarm, healthkit and more

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    1) Fingerprint scan lock

    While commuting or travelling, have you ever worried about pickpocket fear? Hear is the solution. This fingerprint scan lock allow only someone who register their fingerprint to open this bag. By choosing this option you can be released from threat of lost!

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    2) Health kit - calculation of calory consumption, count walk step, clock

    Woman or man always worried about their health. This kit allow you can monitoring of your calories burned, counts steps, measure distance and also clock. This kit is providing with charming design pocket with high quality genuine leather by which it will add value onto your bag. Normal bag is providing just charm as simple accessories but we provide pretty and beautiful charm with smart function which is essential for health care smart people.

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    3) Personal Alarm with LED

    These days people are threatened at anytime. When people face dangerous circumstance, this alarm kit will help people to call others’ attention and will provide the minimum effect to prevent thief and crime act. Although the function is against crime act as the kit pocket is provided with beautiful design and genuine leather, ordinary days it will just make your bag more charming.

3. Personalize your Bag – Your initial name or wording

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As you design your bag by yourself, you may want to personalize of your bag by adding your name initial or wording you select.
We’ll provide this service for each person. You can also provide of your designed bag to your lover adding your word; loving you etc.
Our goal is to respect individual’s taste by providing personalized service!

4. 30~40 years experience master making Bag – Build Belief between maker and customer

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Our bag is making by 30~40 years experience of bag making masters.
Once you finalize your own design, we’ll assign one master for your bag
and you can watch bag making process by watching video we provide on our web-site.
This will build 1:1 belief between master and customer.

5. Reform Service – For better environment

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You may have experience that your bag is not worned enough to change but just worn partially.
But because of that small part issue, you have to buy another bag.
We’ll provide 1 year guarantee service which means you have free service for 1 year and in addition, we also provide reform service.
After 1 year, if you want reform, we will provide reform service with practical price
which will also help to avoid any waste and help for better environment.